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Getting started with Nutrioso

Updated: May 11, 2021

Nutrioso is a nutrition software designed for dietitians, by dietitians. It will help you cut back on admin tasks and save you time with every case, while also engaging your clients online and offering added value to your services.

All our packages start with a 30 day free trial, so you can get started by signing up for the 30 day free trial. If you don't get the welcome email after signing up, remember to check your junk mail folder!

Nutrioso is made to be user-friendly with a quick learning curve. To make it even easier, check out our tutorial videos on our Youtube channel, and be sure to subscribe so you get notified when we add new ones!

When you're ready to buy a package, you can select the package for you based on how many new cases you create each month. All our packages include the full range of Nutrioso features, the difference is based on how many new cases you create each month - perfect for any size practice!

Here are a few reasons to get started with Nutrioso today!

  • Save time on nutrition assessments, reports and administration

  • Say goodbye to paperwork with electronic health records

  • Lock in your charting notes, nutrition files and recommendations

  • Easily coach, monitor and follow up with clients

  • Access client records from anywhere

  • Increase client retention and referrals

  • PIPEDA compliant

Discover how this nutrition platform can transform your practice!

-The Nutrioso team

Have questions? You can always contact us at and we'll be happy to help!



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