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The Top 10 Food Trends for 2024

Updated: Jan 14

Written by Marie-Maxime Bergeron, RD

We are constantly seeing changes and shifts in consumer preferences, behaviours, and consumption patterns. Here is a look at the trending foods for this year.


Ultra-processed foods

 With inflation affecting the buying power and habits of consumers, there has been a decrease in take-out orders and an increase in grocery-bought convenience foods like fries, pizza and dumplings. A clear communication from the food industry on the negative effects of ultra-processed foods will be essential. Furthermore, brand loyalty has been affected since consumers are looking for deals and are opting more on store brands.



There’s a strong trend towards more technologically advanced kitchens since there’s steadily more integration of AI and robotics. Tasks like cooking, serving and delivering can now be done robotically.

Cacao water

The refreshing cacao water is made from the cacao fruit. It’s a source of electrolytes, notably potassium and magnesium and a substitute to coconut water.


This gluten-free and nutritious grain is a source of fibre and minerals, as well as having a delicate nutty flavour. This grain is used in soba noodles, hot cereal, crackers and pancakes. Additionally, buckwheat contributes to soil health and facilitates the growth of other crops.


Natural fermentation

Beverages containing both prebiotics and complementary probiotics have symbiotic effects on the gut microbiome which have a potential to support digestive health and immunity.


Cold-pressed oils

There’s an increasing demand for cold pressed oils because of their health benefits so manufacturers are adopting new techniques to increase the production of edible oils.



Burgers from nuts and legumes

Plant-based products are continuing to be in high demand. More options of meat alternatives are emerging on the market like mushrooms, walnuts, tempeh and legumes.




Ramen companies are now offering gourmet options with a great variety of flavours, quality ingredients, and fewer preservatives.



Pistachios are nutritious and have a nice colour. They are so delicious as is or as a creative ingredient on pizzas or in pesto dishes.



This exotic and versatile fruit has an immense potential for food resilience and security since it’s a staple crop.









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