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  • Claudia Rivera Philippon

How to Keep Your Clients Coming Back


When initiating your private practice, establishing the loyalty of your clients to keep them coming back to see you is crucial. To build that loyalty, focus on creating a positive experience for your clients by helping them to feel comfortable and understood while working toward their goals. Check out these 3 tips to help you build strong client relationships that will keep them coming back:

3 Tips to keep your clients coming back:

1) Understand your clients’ priorities: Sometimes health professionals including dietitians forget the importance of involving their client in the process. Remember, clients are the experts of their own lives and situation. Sometimes we focus on nutrition issues that are of obvious priority in our opinion and we build our nutrition plan around that, when in fact our client may not be worried about that issue, but rather another one. Individuals will be less motivated if the goals you set are not really a priority for them, and your work may be for nothing. They might not want to come back to the follow-up visits since they did not feel understood or heard in the first place. Therefore, it is important to ask your client what their expectations and concerns are, and how they feel about the recommendations you provide. You can also have them choose what problems to tackle first, allowing them to set the priorities. If you know what your clients’ priorities are, you will be better able to motivate them to make changes.

2) Establish a non-judgmental atmosphere: Nobody likes to feel judged. By communicating that there is no pressure for perfection, and maintaining a supportive attitude, you will put clients at ease. You can help them adopt a more balanced view, and also be open with them and remind them that even you, as a dietitian, don’t always have a perfect diet. You can share your personal tips and tricks that help you stay on the right track. Encourage their efforts and appreciate their honesty to help build trust, and they will feel good about coming back to see you when they need nutrition advice.

3) Keep in touch: Of course, at the end of most consultations, it’s good to talk about attainable goals and follow-ups if needed. But sometimes clients may have to cancel, or don’t know when they will be available for the next appointment. Sometimes they get busy and don’t get in touch for the follow-up. In that case, make a habit of following up with your clients. Sending them a chat message on Nutrioso notifies them by email that they have a message from you, and will entice them to reconnect. A quick, upbeat phone call or short email can also put you back on their radar. Keep the tone positive and encouraging to motivate them to continue working toward their goals with you.

You have the nutrition knowledge, but conveying it to your clients in a way that is meaningful to them is not always easy. Try these 3 tips to ensure your clients have a great experience with you and keep them coming back!



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